(1) Prevent boilerplate code for random strings and names, SPI-based slf4j configuration, sophisticated property files, human readable representation of date differences and getting attributes from MANIFEST.FM files.
[Java8, maven, Lombok]
(2) fulgens - A build, local deploy and run script generator
[JavaScript, ES6, Node.js, Npm Registry, Bash, Docker, Vagrant]
(3) Linky - a link management application
[JavaScript, ES6, Node.js, React, Redux, Nano, Isomorphic/Universal, Bootstrap, CouchDB]
(4) Code Your Restaurant - A JavaScript coding game
[Java8, maven, CouchDB, JavaScript, Rhino, Groovy, Ace]
(5) Corporate lunch information system
[Java8, maven, Jooq, Liquibase, AngularJS, Boostrap, Jersey, Lombok, Webjars]
(6) A multiplayer tower-defense fantasy combat game
[HTML5(Canvas, Websockets via Atmosphere), JavaScript, Java]
(7) A card based multi player board game
[HTML5(Canvas, Websockets via, JavaScript / Node.js / jQuery, CouchDB]
(8) A web offering for smart asses .... told you so!
[Java8, maven, JSF, CouchDB]
(9) A hex-based, no-luck, kinda-turn-based strategy game
[HTML5(Canvas, Websockets via Atmosphere), JavaScript, Java8, maven, Stripes, twitter-bootstrap, jQuery, Lombok]
(10) Simple Card Game - A game for 4 players playable via email
[Java7, maven]
(11) An alternative approach to Star Wars LCG deck building
[HTML, jQuery, CouchDB, Groovy]
(12) A web based approach to Star Wars CCG deck building
[HTML, jQuery, CouchDB, Groovy]
(13) An online card game assistance
[HTML5 (Websockets via Java-WebSocket), Dojo Toolkit, CouchDB, Java/Groovy]
(14) A classic board game played asynchronously via email
[HTML4, JavaScript, Java, Spring, JDBC]
(15) Shadowrun Crossfire - card game simulator
[Java8, maven, Lombok]
(16) DSA talent probability calculation
[Java8, maven]
(17) A program to find files inside jars and spot duplicate classes inside jars
(18) A binary store server, called ifcdb - "infrequently changed data database"
[Java7, maven, JBoss-Weld, Hibernate]
(19) The Java side for user agent analysis
(20) podcast-human-syncer - Helps with "who is talking" and "who wants to talk next / now" for podcasts
[JavaScript, ES6, Node.js, Svelte / Sapper]